CBD Isolate Vs CBD Distillate: What Is The Difference

CBD Distillate
CBD Distillate
CBD Distillate
CBD Distillate

Choosing a CBD product can be a difficult task, as there is a large number of terms associated with this compound that can make you confused. The names of some CBD products might sound similar, however, these products will contain various compounds and carry different properties. Therefore, it is important for you to be aware of such products for choosing the right option for you.

CBD isolate and CBD distillate are two terms that can confuse the users. These two are popular CBD products that you have to be aware of. Hence, we list the properties of CBD isolate and CBD distillate for your knowledge.

CBD Isolate

Known as the purest form of CBD, this product is popular among users for its safety. It contains CBD only and is free of all the other plant compounds present in the hemp.

CBD isolate is an excellent option for people who want to derive the benefits of CBD without worrying about the negative effects caused by THC, which is an active chemical in the cannabis plant that creates psychoactive effects and addiction.

CBD isolates are also free of taste and odor, as they do not contain compounds called terpenes that are responsible for giving the specific flavor and aroma for the hemp and cannabis plants.

High-quality CBD isolates from reputed brands will be completely free of THC, hence, they won’t fail you in a drug test. This product can also be suitable for people who have increased sensitivity towards THC.

Also, CBD isolates have a high concentration of CBD, which is almost 99%. Therefore, they provide better results when compared to many other CBD products.

CBD Distillate

This product can be more potent when compared to CBD isolate, as it carries a large number of chemicals present in the hemp plant. It carries all of the cannabinoids, most of the terpenes, and a lot of other plant compounds like flavonoids. All these compounds can magnify the effects provided by CBD distillate.

It is often referred to as full-spectrum because of the presence of most of the compounds present in the hemp plants. Hence, it contains a small amount of THC too. Therefore, this product may not be suitable for everyone.

If you are sensitive to THC or have to undergo some drug tests, then it is better to avoid this product and go for CBD isolate.

You have to be careful when choosing between CBD isolates and distillates, as these products carry different properties. CBD distillate may not be suitable for everyone because of the presence of THC, however, it can provide intense effects when compared to CBD isolates.