CBD Isolate And Its Uses

What Does CBD Feel Like
What Does CBD Feel Like
CBD Isolate
CBD Isolate

CBD isolate is one among the three spectrum options in CBD, the other two being full spectrum CBD and broad spectrum CBD. It comes in the form of a crystalline white solid or powder and is known as the purest form of CBD, for it contains 99% cannabidiol. It is devoid of any hemp cannabinoids except cannabidiol. THC, CBDA, CBG, CBN, terpenes, flavonoids, all the compounds that you find in full spectrum hemp products are absent in CBD isolate.

What Is CBD Isolate?

CBD isolate is made by employing an appropriate extraction technique that pulls out the hemp phytochemicals after which a refinement process is carried out to strip away all phytocannabinoids except CBD. The type of manufacturing process decides the size of the final product. CBD isolate may be in the form of sold crystals or white powder.

What Are The Benefits Of CBD Isolate?

Being a pure CBD product, CBD isolate offers several benefits to the user. Let us take a look at these benefits.

Zero THC Content

 The presence of THC in minimal levels is not going to cause any harm to the users. The government has made it clear that CBD products that have less than 0.3% THC content will only get the legal protection that hemp derived products get. However, the minimal THC content in a CBD product can put your career in trouble when it comes to a drug test. When drug tests screen for THC content, the presence of THC although in miniscule amounts may lead to a positive test result. Absence of THC in CBD isolate gives confidence to CBD users who take regular drug tests.

Numerous Modes Of Consumption

Not everyone will like all the possible modes of CBD consumption. CBD isolate can be taken in numerous ways. They can be mixed with foods and beverages, administered sublingually, and dabbed using a dab rig.

Ease Of Dosing

When you take CBD isolate, it is quite easy to know the exact amount of CBD that you are taking, as isolate is a CBD-only product. In full spectrum or broad spectrum products, cannabidiol is mixed with various other cannabinoids and terpenes, making it difficult to measure the exact amount of cannabidiol one is taking.

While buying CBD isolate, ensure that it is certified by reputable labs and that it does not contain any toxic ingredients, for it can affect the user’s health adversely.