Trainer Ron McAnally’s Horse Tested Positive For Cannabidiol

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Traces of cannabidiol were in the body of a horse that Ron McAnally had trained, and that won at the Del Mark Racetrack last November. This finding is as per a recent complaint from the California Horse Racing Board. For your information, the CHRB prohibits the use of CBD for horses that would be part of races.

Cannabidiol is an unclassified substance in California, so this kind of result means a Schedule I, category A substance violation. The violation requires disqualifying the horse concerned and fortifying purse monies. As per CHRB rules, that kind of violation possibly results in a 1 to 3-year suspension, to go with up to $25,000 as a fine.

Anyhow, CHRB spokesman Mike Marten said that agency staff would tell the stewards to treat this positive result as a Schedule III, category B violation. Why? Because the agency is making cannabidiol a Schedule III, category B substance with a proposed change in rulemaking.

A Schedule III drug may require the actions of disqualifying the horse involved and redistributing the purse, alongside $10,000 as a penalty and suspension for 30 days.

As per Dan Landers, McAnally’s assistant, the test result may be due to cross-contamination. As its details emerged in 2020, the horse’s rider Geovanni Franco went to Landers to tell him that he utilized cannabidiol voluntarily. Landers not only appreciated Franco for his honesty, but he also advised the jockey to let the investigator know about the same.

Mike Marten spoke about McAnally’s good regulatory record here in California. As per Marten, the trainer has never experienced anything worse throughout his career in California than a Schedule IV drug positive result.

McAnally’s last positive result here was way back in 1996, as per his assistant Landers. Back in 1994, he was part of a five-member trainer list with horses with positive test results for scopolamine. Following a lengthy probe, McAnally’s penalty was overturned, the horse was disqualified from future races, and that purse money was rescinded.

CBD’s use in human beings has gone up lately, so US regulators are looking at its inevitable administration to horses for competition. In December 2020, the CHRB warned trainers in California of the utilization of cannabidiol for horses and its potential consequences.

The trainer, Franco, and Deborah McAnally are all supposed to appear in front of Santa Anita’s stewards in May 2021 itself.