Must Your CBD Be Water Soluble?

Water Soluble CBD
Water Soluble CBD
Water Soluble CBD
Water Soluble CBD

The number of CBD products that we have started to see stacked on local store shelves is overflowing. The one important thing is that for the CBD benefits to show, the method of design must be complementary for one to reap the benefits of the natural extract. The method of extraction from the hemp plant is important and simply crushing leaves won’t get you a lotion or ointment from which you can reap the benefit of CBD.

The Conventional

CBD products are generally created by means of immersing the hemp flower and stalk within a carrier oil. This allows for it to be an efficient delivery system. However, there is an ingredient that is missing in this transaction.

For the body to be able to benefit from the CBD extract, it must first digest the fat-soluble oil or the carrier. Because the individual oil particles are larger than the CBD droplets, the water soluble CBD reaches your bloodstream only at the end. Making a subtle tweak in this can change how quickly and efficiently CBD reaches the body and changes the experience and health value that users take from it.

Nano-Emulsion Solution

You can make use of a nano-emulsion solution-like many big pharma drugs- wherein we are able to unlock the nanoparticles of CBD and get them directly into the body. Water-soluble nutrients are absorbed into the bloodstream faster, via the small intestine. Rather than it having to work through the lymph system, the effect is supercharged and because of which the effects reach the user faster

There are many water-soluble nutrients. For example, vitamin C that is found in citrus fruits is water-soluble. Vitamins B1, B2 and B3 are all water-soluble vitamins. Even the foliate and pantothenic acid present in wholegrain foods, meats like chicken, beef and liver are water-soluble, and these are present in multi-vitamin capsules.

As the water-soluble products are absorbed faster, they tend to be filtered out by the kidneys faster and aren’t stored in fat cells over a long time.

There is a wide range of CBD products such as tinctures, capsules and even pet products; changing the mode of delivery can help to change the efficiency of the CBD product as a whole. Everyone is talking about the natural power of hemp. The amazing abundance of CBD products in the market is a result of the advancement in terms of both innovation and popularity for the natural extract. We can keep our fingers crossed and hope high on CBD delivering what is promised…