How To Make Vape Juice At Home?

Make Vape Juice
Make Vape Juice
Make Vape Juice
Make Vape Juice

It would be a surprise to some that CBD vape juice can be made at home in the flavor that you love. You need not be an expert pharmacist to make your concoction. When compared to the costs associated with buying CBD vape juice from the store, DIY vape juice has less associated expense.

This article is a guide to newbies that are planning to make CBD vape juice with the flavor they love.

What Ingredients Do You Need To Make E-Juice At Home?

You can make e-juice at home with merely three ingredients, vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, and a flavor that you like. There are plenty of options available in e-juice flavors, and if needed you can mix a few to create a unique flavor.

Vegetable glycerin(VG) is thicker than propylene glycol and produces denser clouds. Propylene glycol(PG) has a thinner consistency and comes without any characteristic flavor, unlike vegetable glycerin that has a flavor of its own. Propylene glycol is runny and you have to be careful when handling it lest it could be a mess.

e-juice contains a specific combination of VG and PG. 1:1 is the commonly used ratio but some vapers prefer 7:3 VG to PG ratio. It is all about one’s personal preferences.

To make e-juice at home, take PG and VG in the required amounts based on the preferred ratio and mix them. The recipe we offer in this article is nicotine-free and hence you do not need to follow any special safety precautions. Just be careful about the measurements, and don’t spill the liquid ingredients. That is all.

After you mix VG and PG, add the flavor (or flavors) that you have selected. Add the flavor drop by drop: do not pour all of it at once.

How To Store Vape Juice?

As you are not going to use all the vape juice you made at once, it is important to know of suitable storage measures. Store the vape juice in a sealed bottle by correctly mentioning the flavor of the vape juice on the label so that you do not get confused when searching for a specific flavor.

Always make sure that the vape juice bottles are kept in cold and dark places away from direct sunlight. Exposure to light can ruin the flavor of the e-juice.

Use high-quality ingredients to make vape juice that gives you the perfect vape experience.