CO2 Extraction And Its Benefits

CO2 Extraction Methods
CO2 Extraction Methods
CO2 Extraction Methods
CBD Extraction Methods

CO2 extraction is the process of extracting CBD from the plant material using supercritical CO2 as the solvent. It is an efficient and cleaner way of extracting CBD without losing its natural properties. This method is used not only for CBD extraction, but also for producing coffee, tea, perfumes, and spices.

There is no need for purifying the end product of the CO2 extraction because it won’t contain any unwanted ingredients or impurities. CO2 extraction utilizes a series of pressurized chambers and pumps for extracting CBD from the plant material.

CO2 Extraction Process

The extraction process starts with the pumping of pressurized CO2 from the first chamber into the second pressurized chamber that holds the plant material. The pressurized CO2 will break down the plant, causing the CBD to separate from the plant material.

After separating the oil from the plant, both CO2 and oil will be pumped to a third chamber. In this chamber the supercritical CO2 will turn into gas and evaporates, leaving the pure CBD extract at the bottom of the chamber.

Benefits Of CO2 Extraction

When compared to other CBD extraction methods, CO2 extraction method has a lot more benefits. Because of these benefits, most of the reputable manufacturing companies use the CO2 extraction method even though it is expensive.

Let’s take a look at each of the advantages of CO2 extraction.

Professional Manufacturing

You cannot use CO2 extraction method for the extraction of CBD from the hemp plant at home. CO2 extraction method needs professional knowledge, experience and advanced equipment for CBD extraction. You can make use of other extraction methods for making CBD oils at home. But when it comes to industrial manufacturing, nothing is better than CO2 extraction method.

Zero Toxins

Unlike solvent extraction, CO2 extraction does not involve the use of any harmful solvents or toxins. No harmful petroleum-based solvents or inflammable chemicals are used in the CO2 extraction method. The only solvent that is used in this method is the supercritical CO2. At the final stage of the extraction process, CO2 will turn back into gas and evaporates, leaving pure CBD extract at the bottom.

Cleaner Products

The plant materials usually contain spores, residues or insects living in them that could create a foul taste for the end product. When you use other CBD extraction methods, these residues, spores, and insects won’t get separated. But with CO2 extraction, all the unwanted insects and spores in the plant material are destroyed and you will get a safer and cleaner end product.