Will CBD Oil Leave A Sour Taste In My Mouth?


There are many of you who are on the verge of trying out CBD but are being side tracked by how the oil might taste. You might have heard it from family or friends that since CBD oil is obtained from hemp or cannabis, it can have a strong odor that can make it difficult to swallow.

It is true that unflavoured CBD oil can have a strong earthy-like flavor, which may work for some people’s palate and not for others, but it should be understood that different CBD oils have different flavors, apart from the flavoring agents that are added in them to make it palatable.

If you are worried about whether this organic extract will leave a sour taste in your mouth, then we have some solutions to help you get around that problem.

What Do Most CBD Oils Tastes Like?

The common taste profile that describes most CBD oils would have to be a grassy, dirt-like flavor. As unappetizing that may sound, there are subtle hints of cocoa flavor that can be tasted.

A majority of the CBD users find the taste to be tolerable, and some would go as far as saying that they find the taste delicious. It is all a matter of preference- if you like earthy flavors, then you would love the taste of most CBD oils.

However, for those who need that little extra to make it taste better, we have some options.

Tips On Making Your CBD Oil Taste Good

Here is a rundown of the things that you can do to find a suitable flavor profile for CBD oil:

  • Consider the carrier oil
  • Begin with a lower concentration
  • Combine the oil with foods and other beverages
  • Go for capsules and gummies instead
  • Choose a flavored CBD oil

The options that are available are plenty. You can consider changing the carrier to hemp seed oil for the nutty flavor that will remind you of the after-taste from walnuts, or even coconut and MCT oil that have a neutral taste profile.

Lower concentrations of CBD mostly have no taste to it. You can lower the dosage to allow your palate more room to wriggle. Choosing a flavored CBD oil would be wise if you are absolutely unable to stomach the CBD oil, but keep in mind that the additives might lessen the impact of the raw CBD.

If nothing else works, then go for CBD capsules and gummies- the sweet and savory taste notes of the latter would make you forget that you are having a medication.