Why Do People React Differently To Cannabis Derived CBD?

Cannabis Derived CBD
Cannabis Derived CBD
Cannabis Derived CBD
Cannabis Derived CBD

Have you ever wondered why some people require higher than minimum doses of CBD than some others to get the same effect? While some need lesser than the minimum standard. On one hand, we have people who ask “why can’t I get CBD benefits?” and on the other, we have people who hardly need a pinch of it. Why is there such a variation? Why don’t all people react the same way to CBD?

The answer to the question is hidden in our bodies. Each one of us is different and we all react to CBD differently (especially if it is derived from cannabis) because of it. It is important to know the factors that determine how much cannabis-derived CBD we can have.

Cannabis Derived CBD- How Is It Different?

Cannabis is a genus of plants that are of three types-indica, sativa and ruderalis. Hemp is the only plant in the cannabis family that has a CBD in higher amounts than THC. THC, the psychoactive compound, is naturally the major component of the other types. New plants are bred to have higher CBD concentrations.

There is a stark difference between CBD obtained from cannabis and hemp. The main being- the concentration of its components. The amount of THC, CBD, terpenes, and other compounds including other cannabinoids are different in different cannabis plants. Thereby, the CBD extracted from these plants will vary depending on their source.

Factors Determining How Cannabis Derived CBD Affects Everyone


We are not designed the same way. Our genetic makeup decides how we react to the THC and CBD mixture.

Our body releases its own cannabinoids that react to our endocannabinoid system. When the amount of cannabinoids secreted in a body is more than the usual, due to their genes, it becomes acquainted with cannabinoids and such people will not react to lesser doses of CBD. It was reported in a study that around 20 percent of the US population has this genetic mutation. Being less reactive to CBD, they will need to consume it in higher doses to see some changes.

The benefit is that you will not have to spend much. But, you will have to pay more attention to the amount you intake.


There are billions of biochemical reactions occurring in our body every second. These reactions lead to the production of body essential hormones and other molecules. These reactions depend on what we feed our bodies and their external conditions. For example, essential omega-3-fatty acid is required for the production of cannabinoids in our body. If the amount of the fatty acid you consume is less, you will have a lower tolerance to CBD, especially CBD from cannabis.

In short, what your body plays a huge role in determining your tolerance to CBD.


We live in a decade where gender equality is soaring and anyone that differentiates between genders is highly criticized. But, no matter what we say, facts will remain the same. CBD reacts differently in men and women.

Women are more sensitive to CBD and other compounds present in cannabis extract. This means that men need more cannabis extract than women to experience the same effects.

Moreover, women’s tolerance to CBD derived cannabis depends on when she has it. It is proven scientifically that THC- which is an important component of cannabis extract- reacts more with the body when the estrogen levels are high.

The advantage of it is that cannabis is expensive and women will not have to spend much.


It is a well-known fact that the more you use cannabis extract, the more will be your tolerance. If you use cannabis extract frequently, your tolerance to the product will increase. You will have to take more and more extract for your body to react to it.

However, this is different for CBD- which does not show this property. This is the main reason why people use hemp-derived CBD and not CBD from cannabis. But, due to the presence of other compounds, if you are looking for quick effects, cannabis-derived CBD is the better choice.

Health Condition

As said before, everything you give your body causes a series of biochemical reactions that lead to the production of something. So, if you suffer from any diseases, the chances are that you take medicines for that which will influence the outcome of CBD in your body.

For example, a person with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is less likely to get high after taking cannabis CBD. They will however feel very relaxed.

CBD Concentration

As explained at the beginning of the article, the concentration of CBD and THC, the two main components of cannabis plants, will depend on the strain of cannabis.

According to a study, CBD can reduce the negative effects of THC. It is reported that THC can create anxiety in those who are sensitive to it. CBD, being a relaxant, reduces the anxiousness you might feel when you take cannabis extract.

This is a reason why you should abstain from using high THC and low CBD cannabis extracts.

So, we can hereby conclude that CBD affects people differently. Especially, CBD sourced from cannabis has so many different compounds which react with everyone differently. Understanding which strain is best for you will help you get the maximum out of the medication.