How Is CBD Oil Extracted From The Hemp Plant?

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Extraction Of CBD Oil
Extraction Of CBD Oil

It is no secret that CBD comes from cannabis. It is one of the many compounds found in cannabis such as CBD, CBC, CBG, THC, vitamins, fatty acids, etc. CBD and THC are the most abundant compounds in the hemp plant. CBD, which is a pure hemp extract, has a lot of health benefits. It is an effective remedy for health issues like anxiety, depression, pain, epilepsy, psoriasis, acnes and it is also beneficial for the treatment of cancer and autism.

How is CBD Oil Made?

All the CBD products such as CBD tinctures, topicals, gummies, and capsules are infused with CBD oil after it is extracted from the hemp plant. CBD oil is extracted from the hemp plant by mainly three methods; Carbon Dioxide extraction, steam distillation and solvent extraction.

Carbon Dioxide Extraction

It is the most advanced method of extracting CBD oil from hemp plant. It is also the most expensive method of extraction. This method uses supercritical carbon dioxide for the extraction of CBD oil from the hemp plant. Many companies use this method of extraction because it gives higher quality CBD oil with no chlorophyll and other contaminants.

The machine used in the CO2 extraction method has three chambers. The first chamber is used for holding pressurized CO2.  Dried hemp plant materials are placed in the second chamber. The final chamber serves the purpose of separating the resulting product.

The supercritical CO2 from the first chamber is pumped into the second chamber and its runs through the plant materials and breaks it down, causing the separation of oil from the plant. When CO2 and the separated oil enter the third chamber, CO2 gets evaporated and leaves the extract of pure CBD oil at the bottom of the chamber.

Solvent Extraction

This method uses either hydrocarbons or natural solvents for the extraction of CBD oil. It is one of the least expensive methods of extracting CBD oil. The extraction process starts with putting the trimmed hemp plant into a container. Then the soaked solvent is allowed to run through the plant material which results in the separation of cannabinoids from the plant. Then the mixture undergoes the evaporation process and the oil is left behind in the form of concentrated cannabinoids.

Solvent extraction is not an ideal method for extracting pure CBD oil. When natural solvents are used for the extraction, chlorophyll may also get extracted and it gives an unpleasant taste to the oil.

Steam Distillation

This method uses the steam for separating CBD oil from hemp plant. The machine used for steam distillation has mainly three parts; a glass chamber for holding the hemp plant, another glass container for boiling the water and a condenser tube connected to the glass chamber.

The steam from the glass container moves upward into the glass chamber that holds the plants. The steam separates the oil vapors that contain CBD and then the vapor is captured in the condenser tube that condenses it into oil and water. The condensed oil and water is then distilled to extract the CBD oil.