CBD Live Resin: Everything You Need To Know

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CBD Live Resins
CBD Live Resins

CBD live resins are a popular CBD product that became famous for its effectiveness. As the popularity of CBD has increased rapidly, many manufacturers are trying to create new products using this substance. One of such innovations that have gained huge popularity recently is CBD live resins. They are made hemp plants while they are still alive. This product might be suitable for you if you are also looking for new CBD products that can provide you better results.

What Are CBD Live Resin Extracts?

Usually, hemp plants will be dried and grounded for producing CBD oil. But when it comes to CBD live resins, the plants are not dried or they haven’t undergone any other processing that can be fatal for the plants. Instead, these resins are made from living hemp plants.

Cannabis plants will be able to survive for a few hours even after they are cut from their roots. But eventually, they will die when they dry out. But live resins are extracted when the plant is still fresh and has not dried out.

As resins are coming from fresh and living plants, they will have high concentrations of terpenes which are useful for preserving the powerful aroma of the plant.

When hemp plants are dried, they will lose up to 95% of the terpene profiles in them even before they undergo the extraction process. Hence, the original smell of the hemp plant will not be present in the final extract made from dried plants.

The presence of terpenes makes live resins more potent and effective, as these terpenes also carry a lot of pharmaceutical benefits. Hence, in addition to adding natural aroma for the CBD products, terpenes can enhance their medicinal properties.

Forms Of CBD Live Resins

CBD resins look similar to any other CBD concentrates. However, they vary in aroma and chemical profile. These resins have a stark golden color that is formed as a result of pigments that are directly derived from the fresh plant before it oxidizes. Live resins usually tend to have a slippery and waxy consistency.

Live extracts are found in different forms including waxes, dabs, and shatters. They can be used in vape pens and cartridges too.

One of the prominent differences between CBD live resins and other CBD concentrates is the way they change over time. Normal concentrates will maintain their color and consistency over time, but CBD live resins will evolve as time passes. It will start out as a sappy texture then becomes cloudy and eventually will develop a granular texture. This change is a result of the evaporation of terpenes that causes the breaking down of the resin’s stability.

CBD live resins are now widely being used by a large number of people because of its enhanced properties. This product can be suitable for you too if you are looking for a product that preserves all the qualities of the fresh hemp plant.