What Is CBD Distillate?

Hemp-Based CBD Distillate
Hemp-Based CBD Distillate
Hemp-Based CBD Distillate
Hemp-Based CBD Distillate

If you are not familiar with distillation, it is the process of purifying a liquid by heating or cooling. When compared to other methods of CBD manufacture, the distillation process helps to create cleaner CBD concentrates. CBD distillate is the most potent CBD in the form of liquid. Since it is densely concentrated, even a little amount of CBD distillate has a potent effect on the body.

CBD distillate is mostly produced from the hemp plant because of the high amount of CBD present in it when compared to the marijuana plant. Hemp-based CBD distillate contains 80 to 90 percent pure CBD. The remaining 10 to 20 percent of the CBD distillate is other cannabinoids and essential compounds present in the hemp plant.

How Is CBD Distillate Made?

The making of CBD distillate starts with the extraction of CBD from the plant material using an extraction process. Solvent extraction and CO2 extraction is the most common extraction methods. After extraction, the CBD extract will go through a process called winterization. This process helps to separate the impurities from the extract.

The purified extract will then undergo decarboxylation, which is the process of heating the extract for activating the compounds present in it. After decarboxylation, the extract will undergo steam distillation or fractional distillation for creating the CBD isolate, which can reach up to 99 % purity.

How To Use CBD Distillate?

CBD distillate is quickly gaining popularity among CBD users because it is one of the most versatile forms of CBD that exists today. CBD distillate can be added to topical products, edibles, vape oil, etc. Topical CBD products are very popular for the treatment of many skin problems and getting localized relief from different types of pain that affects our body. Adding CBD distillate to the topical products enhances their pain-relieving properties.

CBD distillate can be added to the vape oil, which offers an immediate effect. Since CBD distillate is highly potent, a single puff can give you the desired effect. The vapor will be tasteless and odorless which means it won’t cause any disturbance to others. Vaping CBD distillate is the most effective way of taking in CBD to get its therapeutic effects for those who need immediate relief from pain or other body aches.

Mixing CBD distillate with edible products like gummies, capsules, chocolate, etc. is the best way to take in high potent CBD into the body. Also, CBD distillates are odorless and tasteless, so the edible products do not have that earthy taste of the hemp plant.