Can CBD Give A Good Fight Against Super Bugs?

Full Spectrum Hemp Extract
Full Spectrum Hemp Extract
Full Spectrum Hemp Extract
Full Spectrum Hemp Extract

You might have been in the situation a couple of times: you are stuck in the middle of a cold flu episode and aching to get out of bed and onto your feet. You ring up the doc and you get the prescription of the usual antibiotics from the pharmacy; the same antibiotics that got you good in a matter of days. You take the pills with a gulp of water, and eagerly wait. Hours pass to days and you still find your situation not wavering one bit! What has happened? Why aren’t the same antibiotics working?

Enter The Superbugs

You might have seen a superhero flick with the main protagonist weak and timid in the beginning, but over time he learns from his sworn enemy and manages to beat him? The superbugs are sadly the protagonist we are talking about. Over time the microbes, bacteria, viruses and pathogens in general learns the way in which the medication we use to kill them work. In other words, they adapt to the antibiotics and make them less and less effective.

Pharmacologists are in the mad dash against time and these pesky microbes, and have to be on their toes to correct and continuously modify the antibiotics. If not they seize to become relevant. Is there somebody else we can bring onto the team to help buy time? Welcome, CBD.

Cannabidiol or CBD

Cannabidiol or CBD has made the case for itself as being a potent and effective therapeutic agent that is considered as a strong anti-inflammatory and a great pain reliever. All of this in the healthiest manner possible. And there is more of a reason to rejoice, as there is CBD news that has come to light, speaking of the ability of Full spectrum hemp extract to kill methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), which is one of the most common superbugs that you can find in the hospital.

Is it a big deal? Yes!

Every year there are close to 100,000 cases of MRSA infection, and the statistics point to close to 20,000 people who die as a result, most of which are children. In another study CBD showed antimicrobial activity similar to the drug Vancomycin, used as the last straw against antibiotic resistant drug

CBD could be a potential medical breakthrough and it is believed that in a few years a more potent strain of CBD can be developed that magnify on this effect. Will the day come where doctors and hospitals start to prescribe CBD medication? Only time will tell. See more health benefits of CBD here.